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New General Manager of Harbour Plaza Chongqing

Mr. Philip Lu is appointed as General Manager of Harbour Plaza Chongqing effective 22nd October 2012.

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Excellence Landscaping of Harbour Plaza Chongqing

Harbour Plaza Chongqing got the praise from Chongqing Administration of Parks for Excellence Landscaping. It is the only among all the five star hotels in Chongqing.

Miss Chongqing election

Miss Chongqing election in Harbour Plaza Chongqing highlights the beauty of Chongqing,inviting many local celebrities to observe.

2009 Lion Dance

The Harbour Plaza Chongqing takes pride in organizing its yearly Lion Dance performance, on the first day of the lunar calendar to signify a magnificent start of a fresh new year.

The Red Cross Award

On the Red Cross Donation ceremony,Harbour Plaza Chongqing attended as a representative of hotels and was awarded with honorable certificate.

New Look of Harbour Plaza Chongqing

Harbour Plaza Chongqing is going to change its exterior facade to a brand new look. The project costing RMB 20 million is carefully adopted with Environment-friendly and energy-saving technique and materials. Upon completion, the overall ambience will brings a fresh modern look to the hotel and make it a landmark of downtown Chongqing.

Consumer Satisfied Tour Brand

Harbour Plaza Chongqing was awarded Consumer Satisfied Tour Brand (Hospitality) in the 2008 Chongqing Consumer Satisfied Tour Brands campaign. This campaign is sponsored by Chongqing Evening Post and voted by citizens of Chongqing between 11 Mar 2008 and 17 Mar 2008.

Government Leader Visit

Mr. Deng Kai Wei, the Deputy Chief of Yuzhong District Chongqing, Ms. Zhang Lin, member of Standing Committee of CPC Committee of Yuzhong together with the Harbour Plaza Chongqing General Manager Mr. Lee Weng Wai and Mr. Cliff Chow, Financial Controller were having discussion recently on the commercial and tourism development in Yuzhong district.

Thailand Business Delegations' Visit

The Deputy Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Commerce Thailand, Mr. Pisaru Rienmahasam and his delegation were recently welcomed at the Harbour Plaza Chongqing by Mr. Lee Weng Wai, General Manager and Ms Jennifer Gu, Director of Sales & Marketing.

Thank You Party of Harbour Plaza Chongqing

More than 250 guests from government, consulates, corporate companies, travel agents and media were gathered at the Grand Ballroom of Harbour Plaza Chongqing for the hotel Annual Thank You Party. The Hotel General Manager Lee Weng Wai presents the Best Supporting Company Award to the British Consulate-General Chongqing Consul-General Mr. Nick Whittingham.

Lion Dance

Helming the epitome of Asian Hospitality insignia, the Harbour Plaza Chongqing takes pride in organizing its yearly Lion Dance performance, on the first day of the lunar calendar to signify a magnificent start of a fresh new year.

Staff Party

The Annual Staff Party of Harbour Plaza Chongqing was held on 29th Jan 2008. With joy and laughter, all participants welcome the coming new year of the Rat.

Mr. Wu Jia Nong Visits Harbour Plaza Chongqing

6 November, 2007, Wu Jia Nong, Deputy Mayor of the Chongqing City visited Harbour Plaza Chongqing.

Café Portico Seafood Counter Makeover!

The much awaited new seafood buffet counter of Café Portico finally reveals itself to the guests. The new counter will provide not only exqusite culinary excitement but is also visually stimulating to all connoisseurs of the sea.

Hotel Donation

During the recent severe flooding caused by heavy rain in July, some of the Harbour Plaza Chongqong staff's family lost their homes and valuables to mother nature. The hotel organized a donation drive for the victims to encourage them to recover from the disaster.

Guest Appreciation Party

360 guests from government,companies,consulates,travel agents and media enjoyed the Guests Appreciation Party on 31 January 2007 at the Grand Ballroom of Harbour Plaza Chongqing.Top supporting companies were recognized by the hotel management.

Annual Staff Party

The Annual Staff Party of Harbour Plaza Chongqing took place on 30 January 2007.All the participants had a great time to celebrate the coming Chinese New Year.

Brand New Harbour Club Floor

Comfort is top priority in all our brand new renovated Harbour Club Floor rooms at the Harbour Plaza Chongqing. Innovation through use of space, light and colour, our refurbished Harbour Club Floor rooms provide the ultimate in personal comfort with functional workspace, LCD television, soft beddings, plush furnishings, high quality carpet matched with window curtain, leaving the daylight to draw attention to the harmony of the ambience inside.

New Management Team

2006 is the 8th year from the opening of Harbour Plaza Chongqing. Our management team is growing up to lead by a high standard of leadership matched with local experience. In this summer, this team has been enhanced by 3 new dedicated professionals bringing along with a wealth of international hospitality experience.

Great Achievement

Harbour Plaza Chongqing has been awarded 6 prizes by Tourism Association of Chongqing in Chongqing Featured Hotel Appraisal 2005. The six prizes are

Win Again!

Front Office of Harbour Plaza Chongqing was recently awarded as the National Youth Model of Year 2003, and the Chongqing Youth Model of Year 2003.

Fire Control Testing

To enhance the hotel staff's awareness of the fire control and improve the skill of emergency treatment, Harbour Plaza Chongqing had organized an internal fire control testing on August, 27th, 2004.

“Chongqing·Hong Kong Week”

The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region(SAR)` had hosted a "Chongqing•Hong Kong Week" in Chongqing from May 27 to June 2,2004. This was the first time that SAR government organized such a large promotion activity within mainland after the CEPA's launch on January 1,2004. Mr Henry Tang Yin-yen, the Financial Secretary of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region had made the opening speech.

The Best Five Star Hotel in Chongqing

Harbour Plaza Chongqing was awarded by the Chongqing Tourism Bureau as "The Best Five Star Hotel in Chongqing", the only five star hotel with this honor in the year of 2002. Commencing in 2002, Harbour Plaza Chongqing had been spending intensive efforts on raising the standard of hospitality and providing guests with personalized services. Harbour Plaza Chongqing was also awarded as the "2002 Advanced Unit of Overseas Traveler's Survey Activity" by the Tourism Bureau. This award was based on the results of questionnaires completed by 68,600 customers from all over the world who stayed at Harbour Plaza Chongqing in 2002. This was a prestigious award which gave a special acknowledgement on the quality services and facilities of the hotel. The achievement of the hotel was evident with the success of holding numerous international and domestic events, ie. Macau Trade Delegation led by Mr. Ho Hau Wah, the Chief Executive of Special Administrative Region; Chongqing Foreign Trade & Economic Relations Commission, Chongqing People's Government Taiwan Affair Office, Tangshan People's Government, British Consulate General Chongqing, Siemens, Ericsson and Changan Ford Automobile Co. etc. In 2002, the hotel received more than 50 compliment letters from various international corporations and foreign institutions.The hotel Financial Statements in 2002 reflected a significant increase on hotel revenue, profit and other operation targets when compared with previous years. "The Best Five Star Hotel in Chongqing" award was not just a recognition for 2002, but as well an encouraging stimulus for the team in 2003.