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The following formed the basis for participation in the HP Club membership program. These Terms & Conditions are designed to protect the members of HP Club membership ("Members"), and Harbour Plaza Hotels & Resorts ("We"). Your participation in the program will be governed by the terms that follow and it is your responsibility to read and understand all of them.

1.The HP Club membership program, benefits and privileges are offered at the sole discretion of Harbour Plaza Hotels & Resorts.
2.Harbour Plaza Hotels & Resorts reserves the right to add, modify, delete or otherwise  change the rules, procedures, conditions, benefits at its sole discretion with prior notice. Notice will be given in the form of email, 1 month prior to the changes taking effect.
3.Each Member is responsible for remaining knowledgeable about the HP Club membership program T​erms & Conditions. 
4.Corporations, associations or groups cannot enrol in a single HP Club membership.
5.Membership in HP Club membership program is strictly personal and cannot be lent, transferred or sold.
6.Membership in HP Club membership program does not guarantee room availability before a booking has been made.

1.On the Harbour Plaza Hotels & Resorts membership websites
2.Subscription to HP Club membership program can be done online through a form available on
www.harbour-plaza.com. The Guest should provide all of the necessary information (First Name, Last Name, Salutation, Email Address) in order to complete the registration.

1.All hotels affiliated with the Harbour Plaza Hotels & Resorts obliged to participate in the HP Club membership program. Harbour Plaza Hotels & Resorts reserves the right to exclude hotels at its own discretion.
2.Participating hotels within the Harbour Plaza Hotels & Resorts portfolio are subject to change at any time, without notice. Prior to reservation and stay at our hotels please consult the complete list of participating hotels.

1.A member can choose to cancel his/her membership from HP Club membership program at any given time by sending an email to (hpclub@harbour-plaza.com​) stating that he/she wishes to cancel the membership.

1.Personal information collected upon registration online as part of the registration procedure and on-going management of Harbour Plaza Hotels & Resorts. It will be part of your member profile as well as basic information about your stays at affiliated hotels in the past or future (length of your stay; hotel of your stay; generated revenue).
2.Information collected will be used for managing your account and corporate communications updates between Harbour Plaza Hotels & Resorts and the Member.
3.Members that enrol in the HP Club membership program agree that the information from your member profile will be shared with Harbour Plaza Hotels & Resorts and participating hotels as far as necessary for the purposes mentioned above.
4.Members who choose to cancel their membership will have their information removed from the Harbour Plaza Hotels & Resorts database as well as those of any hotels the member has subscribed to.
5.Personal information will not be shared with any other third party.

1.Where this Terms of Use is available in any other language, the English version shall prevail whenever there is a discrepancy or conflict between the two versions.

Contact information
For any queries regarding HP Club membership program you may contact hpclub@harbour-plaza.com

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