Japanese Delights Dinner Buffet on Mommy’s Day
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Just for Mom Fresh Fruit Cream Cake

Japanese Delights Dinner Buffet on Mommy’s Day

15/04/2013 - 12/05/2013

Tel: (852) 2126 1960

Join us at Café 8 Degrees for our “Japanese Delights Dinner Buffet” on May 11 or 12 to celebrate The Mommy’s Day.  We have specially prepared the best gifts for your mom: one lovely “Just for Mom Fresh Fruit Cream Cake” and a session of “Diamond White Teeth Spa Treatment” (valued HK$3,500), a grateful honor for her everlasting unconditional love and care.

Japanese Delights Dinner Buffet features fresh Assorted Sashimi, Japanese Dried Fish Salad, classic Stewed Oden, Tempura, delicious Kabobs, Japanese Sukiyaki and more.

Dishes are made fresh to order at cooking station, specially recommending scrumptiously creamy Pan-fried Goose Liver with Truffle Sauce and kabobs: including beef, chicken eel and sea snail. Another highlight is the crispy Prawn Tempura and various Vegetables Tempura; must-eat Japanese cold dishes include marinated Japanese Scallops Skirt, Sliced Abalone with Japanese Soy Sauce, impressively soft Japanese Cold Bean Curd and more.

Not-to-be-missed Japanese desserts feature refreshing Beancurd Cheese Cake, creamy Red Bean Mango Mousse, Chestnut Pancake Roll, Assorted Fruit Waffle etc.

Dinner Buffet (May 11 & May 12, 2013): *HK$458/ Adult and *HK$318/ Child

**Early-Bird discount: Deposit on or before May 8 to enjoy 10% discount

*Subject to 10% service charge
For Dining RSVN/ Info: (852) 2126 1960 E: fnb.hp8d@harbour-plaza.com