Fiber Rich Hydro Veggie BBQ Lunch Buffet
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Fiber Rich Hydro Veggie BBQ Lunch Buffet

04/06/2013 - 01/09/2013

Tel: (852) 2126 1960

Promotional period: 9 Jun – 1 Sep, 2013

“Hydroponic farming” originates from Japan, growing plants organically with minerals and water instead of soil, has swept across Japan and Europe. Fresh, crisp and deliciously beautiful newly-grown veggie with zero insecticides is definitely safe for eating raw.

Our hotel delightedly presents “Fiber Rich Hydro Veggie BBQ Lunch Buffet”, feasting extensively more than 60 fine delicacies. With unlimited supply of nutritiously tantalizing hydro veggies salad bar, our chefs exquisitely showcase hydro veggie special items, including Green Coral Salad and grilled Chicken with Sesame Sauce, Endive Salad and Orange with Crispy Bacon, Green Oak Salad and Mixed Mushroom with Pesto Oil and Red Oak Salad and Smoked Salmon Roll etc, bursting with summery flavours.

Delectable highlighted BBQ items: water-mouthing Grilled Lamb Chop with herb in Mongolia style, delicately Pan-fried Rib Eye Beef with BBQ sauce, King Prawns and more; creamy decent oyster, sweet sea whelk with a firm texture and bight, clean taste; New Zealand Mussels, and a wide selection of Japanese sashimi, sushi etc, leaving you an intricate refreshing experience. Traditional authentic curry refined by our chief Indian chef, Spicy Beef Curry, Curry Chicken, Red Curry with Roast Duck, utilising a variety of species, multi-layered texture, counteracting that lingering tingling sensation on the tip of your tongue.

Be glamoured by the beautifully-crafted desserts: Mango Napoleon, made with fresh mangoes, creamy custard paired with crisp flaky pastry crust; Cinnamon Apple Tart, Chocolate and Cherry Cake, Panna Cotta with Coffee and more, making this an exciting indulgence dining memory.

Available Every Sun & Public Holidays
Time: 12 noon- 2:30pm
*HK$338 / Adult and *HK$268/ Child
Promotional price: HK$238*/ Adult and HK$178*/ Child

For Dining RSVN/ Info:
T: (852) 2126 1960 E:

*Subject to 10% service charge