Father’s Day “Japanese Delights” Dinner Buffet
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Father’s Day “Japanese Delights” Dinner Buffet

29/05/2013 - 16/06/2013

Tel: (852) 2126 1960

To celebrate the special Father’s Day, pamper your beloved one over a feast of delicacies, with a bowl of “Double-boiled Conch and Chicken with Chinese Cabbage” for everyone and a packet of Green dot dot Organic Sultanas Heath Snack exclusively prepared for your dear dad, gifting him the greatest happiness and warmest love ever.

Be delightfully impressed by chef’s seasonal specialties: Fresh Assorted Sashimi, Japanese Dried Fish Salad, classic Stewed Oden, crispy Prawn and Veggie Tempura, Japanese Sukiyaki and more.

Savour the authentic Japanese delights, the best Pan-fried Goose Liver with Truffle Sauce, Goose Liver and Truffle freshly imported from France, cooked and grilled to perfection, crisp, creamy and aromatic, multiplying the depth of favour.  Sea snail Kabobs are juicy, smoky, tender, and slathered in a delicious barbeque sauce. Dip a 7 inch Tiger Prawn tempura with pinch of sea salt and feel the freshness yummy bite. Not-to-missed Japanese Sukiyaki, the finest Australian premium beef cuts, Japanese imported veggies, konjac, tofu and more, quickly poached in a delicate beef broth.

Be dazzled by range of Japanese desserts including smooth and creamy Tofu Cheesecake, sweet refreshing Red Bean Mango Mousse, Chestnuts pancake and cook-to-order waffles with mixed fruits, and more, to top off all expectations of sweet indulgences.

Dinner Buffet (Jun 16, 2013): *HK$438/ Adult and *HK$308/ Child 
Early Bird Offer: Deposit on or before Jun 12 to enjoy 10% discount.  
For RSVN/ Info: T: (852) 2126 1960 E: fnb.hp8d@harbour-plaza.com

*Subject to 10% service charge