Autumn.BBQ Dinner Buffet
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Autumn.BBQ Dinner Buffet

03/09/2013 - 15/12/2013

​From Oct 1 to Dec 15, we pleasantly reveal “Autumn‧BBQ Dinner Buffet”, with a captivating array of enticingly charming BBQ delights: French Edible Crab, the astoundingly fresh ingenuity with overwhelming golden crab roe baked to perfection, giving a real depth of flavour. Beef ribs sautéed with chef’s recipe for 3 hours, the tender and succulent short ribs topped with a crispy skin was complemented by a punchy BBQ sauce that perfectly accented the delicate flavour of the beef. Portobello Mushroom doused 30 minutes in olive oil, herbs, mashed garlic, black pepper and salt, the bold, downright mushroom tasted authentically Italian. Be tempted by Grilled Scallops with garlic, Salt-grilled Prawn, Lamb Chop with herbs in Mongolia style, Grilled Salmon Head and more.

The intriguingly tantalising seafood bursting with ocean aftertaste: Freshly Shucked Oyster, subtly sweet Alaskan King Crab, Sea Whelk, New Zealand Mussel, Shrimp, meticulously cuts of assorted Sashimi and more, gleefully delight your palate.

Top the meal nicely with finest, adorable and exquisite executed sweet indulgence: Warm Orange Chocolate Fondant, orange cake using fresh orange juice and skin puree, orange chocolate served hot and glittery, meltingly warm and oozing. Mango Napoleon, made with fresh mangoes, creamy custard in layers crisp flaky pastry crust ; Rose Bavaroise with Mango, Chocolate and Cherry Cake, Bread and Butter Pudding with Vanilla Sauce and more.

*HK$408/ Adult and *HK$298/ Child 
Fri-Sun, Public Holiday & Eve    
*HK$438/ Adult and *HK$318/ Child

For RSVN/ Info:            
T: (852) 2126 1960 E:
*Subject to 10% service charge