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Harbour Plaza 8 Degrees Celebrates its' FIRST YEAR ANNIVERSARY with Awards
On October 12, 2010, Harbour Plaza 8 Degrees celebrates its first year anniversary with awards. With much to celebrate including the success of its now renowned must see uniquely sculpted twisted lobby and numerous return guests for its notable service quality from a team of happy staff, the hotel has already won three honourable awards and two individual staff awards which have stunned the hotel industry.
Just a month into the hotels opening, Harbour Plaza 8 Degrees was announced winner of  "The Best Designer Hotel 2009" gained at the Travel Fair (Guangdong International Tourism and Culture Festival's 2009 Star Hotels Show); in less than 6 months of its' opening, the hotel won the honourable "Best Mid-range Hotel in Hong Kong" in the Individual Hotel Awards category awarded by TTG China Travel Awards 2010; and just recently on September 25, 2010, the hotel was surprised with "The Most Popular Hotel 2010" award gained once again at the Travel Fair (Guangdong International Tourism and Culture Festival's 2010 Star Hotels Show) voted by end users whom have had their share of experiencing at the hotel first hand.
Two individual staff awards were also awarded to Executive Chef Liu Chi Ming winning "2010 Ten Outstanding Chef in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau" and Marketing Communications Manager CeCe Hoang winning "Rising Star" by SKAL Hong Kong.
"We opened a year ago with the mindset of a happy hotel filled with happy staff which was a very simple direction but at the same time a very challenging mission.  These many awards illustrate the staffs' hard work and dedication throughout this year and with the significant meaning behind each of these awards being voted by guests who have either experienced first hand or heard of our happy hotel, we will only continue to strive to be the best happy hotel filled with happy staff to bring our guests the happiest experience says General Manager - Ms. Christina Cheng."
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