Legendary Custard Mooncakes and Earl Grey Tea Custard Mooncakes are NOW available
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Legendary Custard Mooncakes and Earl Grey Tea Custard Mooncakes are NOW available

24/07/2020 - 30/09/2020

Tel: (852) 2734 3840

“Legendary Custard Mooncakes” of The Kowloon Hotel

Exquisite Flavours - Made with Love

The Kowloon Hotel’s “Legendary Custard Mooncakes”, one of the most renowned custard mooncakes in town is ready to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival! As in the past years, every piece of the classic custard mooncake collection has been highly praised by food connoisseurs for its outstanding craftsmanship. A timeless Cantonese recipe is followed and top-tier ingredients are selected to create an alluring combination of fragrant and creamy custard paste with the light flaky pastry crust, every single piece of our mooncake is freshly handcrafted by our exceptionally skilled chefs, enveloping with our chef’s most heart-warming wishes.

 “Deluxe Gold Flakes Custard Mooncakes” are topped with gold flakes to add a sumptuous touch to the festive season. Presented in a decorous gift box, the meticulously crafted “Deluxe Gold Flakes Custard Mooncakes” is an ideal gift for your beloved family and friends.

The Kowloon Hotel Launches New Mooncake Flavor 

“Earl Grey Tea Custard Mooncakes”

The newly launched “Earl Grey Tea Custard Mooncakes” presents the most coveted festive delight with distinctive flavor of the medium strength tea and light flaky pastry crust. Offering a delicious melt-in-the-mouth sensation in one bite and its impressive combination of flavor and texture definitely amazes everyone.

Early Bird Discount on eShop [From now until 21 August 2020] – Buy 3 Get 1 Free

The Kowloon Hotel Mooncakes

Original Price

Early Bird


Legendary Custard Mooncakes 

(8 pcs/box)

2 boxes


20% Off

3 - 45 boxes

Buy 3 Get 1 Free

Deluxe Gold Flakes Custard Mooncakes 

(12 pcs/box)

1 box or above


15% Off

Earl Grey Tea Custard Mooncakes 

(4 pcs/box)

2 boxes


20% Off

3 - 45 boxes

Buy 3 Get 1 Free

Authentic taste – Loong Yat Heen’s XO Chilli Sauce:
Loong Yat Heen’s XO Chilli Sauce, is also another signature from The Kowloon Hotel and the perfect gift set with the mooncakes. Top-tier ingredients including Japanese Dried Canpoy, Tai O Shrimp Roe, Yunnan Ham, Japanese Finely Ground Sesame Oil, Sichuan Dried Chilli, Thai Red Cluster Pepper and more are incorporated in the savoury XO Chilli Sauce following the traditional secret recipe. Loong Yat Heen XO Chili Sauce along with Amber Walnut are the ideal seasonal gifts for business associates, friends and family.

With the purchase of the mooncakes, customers are entitled to redeem below gifts at special prices.


Original Price:

Special Price:

Loong Yat Heen XO Chilli Sauce (180g)



Loong Yat Heen Amber Walnut (260g)



Loong Yat Heen Combo Gift Set

-  XO Chilli Sauce (180g)

-  Amber Walnut (260g)



The Kowloon Hotel mooncakes are available for order through the following channels starting from today:

1. Online Purchase 

2. Email Purchase 
Download Order Form; complete the form and email to mooncake.klnh@harbour-plaza.com to place your order. 

3. On-site Purchase 
Visit Mooncake Counter at the hotel lobby from 17 August 2020 to purchase mooncake vouchers in person.
Service Hours: 10:30 am to 9:30 pm 

All mooncakes are available for redemption at hotel lobby counter from 31 August to 30 September 2020.

For more information and announcements on the mooncakes, please refer to The Kowloon Hotel Official Website and Facebook.
***Limited quantity, while stock lasts. ***