Celebrate “Renri” with Custard Longevity Buns
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Celebrate “Renri” with Custard Longevity Buns

17/12/2012 - 16/02/2013

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Alright, you have flipped to the page of food feature and wished to have some inspirations for “Renri” celebration; but before looking at the featured item, let’s have a quick review (or you may call it a quiz) on the following Chinese cultures.

Renri: Refers to the seventh day of the Chinese New Year, “Renri” is the day when everyone is having their birthday and is originated from the Chinese legend. When Nüwa – the Chinese goddess – created the world, she created different animals accordingly with human beings on the seventh day. Since then, the seventh day of the Chinese New Year becomes human beings’ birthday and therefore one should have three birthdays altogether.
Longevity Buns: With its auspicious meaning, the Chinese-styled mascot is in peach-shaped and appears in every birthday celebration. Traditionally, the filling is composed by lotus seed paste, but The Kowloon Hotel is going to transform the concept.
Custard Longevity Buns: Unlike any traditional Longevity Bun, The Kowloon Hotel is going to play a twist on the bun by using the secret recipe of the hotel’s renowned “Legendary Custard Mooncakes”: the Custard Longevity Buns are filled with rich mixture of top quality preserved egg yolks, flour, butter and milk, and wrapped in a thin and fluffy bread layer.
Auspicious and delicious, the handcrafted Custard Longevity Buns are available in box of 2 “Double Happiness” and a box of 8 “Petite Seven & The Moon”; priced at $68 and $238 respectively; which are the perfect gifts to your family and friends on “Renri” in Chinese New Year.
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