The Appetizing Six Arts
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The Appetizing Six Arts

21/05/2013 - 31/07/2013

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Interested in Chinese culture? Then Confucianism is probably the first thing you need to know about. Confucius, the all-rounded philosopher, promotes harmonization and humanity that outlines the basis of Chinese culture and deeply affects the offspring. Inspired by the “Six Arts” in Confucianism, Loong Yat Heen is going to incorporate the philosophy with delicacies. Discover Chinese civilization with the Appetizing Six Arts Collection throughout the months of June and July.
The “Six Arts” in Confucianism are the general principles of education that aims at developing one’s morality. Using “Rites”, “Music”, “Mathematics” and “Calligraphy” among the “Six Arts”, the collection is definitely soul-detoxifying.
Rites – Chilled Marinated Scallops with Wolfberry Seeds
Encompassing all rituals and norms, the purpose of rites is to instill harmony into people. As a ritual, hospitality brings people together through dining and therefore it places a high importance on food quality. After mixing the reddish wolfberry with the disc-shaped scallop, the dish is simply eye-catching while the a-little-bit-crispy wolfberry complements the bounciness of scallops.
Music – Chilled Fresh Prawns with Osmanthus in Sesame Sauce
“To educate somebody, you should start from poems.” This is how Confucius sees Music education. Osmanthus, a common element in Chinese poem, is heavenly aromatic. Served together with prawns and sesame sauce, the golden floral sprinkles provides an alluring finishing touch by enhancing the fragrance and colour as a whole.
Calligraphy – Chilled Sea Cucumber with Chinese Celery and Mustard
Calligraphy, or literature in general, comprises history and its legends. Sought for elixir of life, Qin Shihuangdi treated sea cucumber as a cure-all. By accompanying the sea cucumber with Chinese celery and mustard, the dish is gusty and high in medicinal value which sea cucumber can lower the chance of getting cardiovascular disease.
Mathematics – Chilled Shredded Abalone with Jelly Fish
Mathematics stresses on accuracy and this is also true in culinary. To avoid getting a tough texture, the cooking time for abalone must be accurate. After simmering, the eight-headed abalone is served with jelly fish which perk up the dish by offering a refreshing and crispy mouthfeel.
Besides the “Appetizing Six Arts Collection”, Loong Yat Heen also offers Chilled Sliced Ox’s Tongue with Preserved Soya Sauce and Chilled Tomato with Alaska Crab Meat for your enjoyment. Chill out with the chilled appetizing specialties this summer.
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