Legendary Custard Mooncakes of The Kowloon Hotel -- Available NOW!
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Legendary Custard Mooncakes of The Kowloon Hotel -- Available NOW!

26/06/2017 - 03/10/2017

Tel: (852) 2734 3840

In continuing the unparalleled quality and sophistication of The Kowloon Hotel’s “Legendary Custard Mooncakes”, each and every piece of “Legendary Custard Mooncakes” is hand-made based on a precise and special recipe. By combining the finest ingredients with the sophisticated traditional craftsmanship, the freshly baked mooncakes promise to bring you an extraordinary mooncake experience. Our popular festive products are available for early bird ordering now, with limited quantity, while stock lasts.


Meticulously hand-crafted with Heartfelt Wishes
“Legendary Custard Mooncakes” are all preservative-free and freshly baked by following an age-old Cantonese recipe; each bite of these handmade treasures is filled with our chefs’ sincerity and heartfelt wishes.
Apart from the classic “Legendary Custard Mooncakes” (8pcs/box), “Delicate Duo Custard Mooncakes” (2pcs/box) and special HKSAR 20th Anniversary Edition “Deluxe Gold Flakes Custard Mooncakes” (12pcs/box) also make the best choice as festive delights.
Legendary Custard Mooncakes (8pcs/box)                  
Early Bird Price: HK$258 
Original Price: HK$368                              
For order of 20 boxes or above, further discount will be offered.
20-59 boxes
Special Price: HK$253                               
60-119 boxes
Special Price: HK$243                           
Deluxe Gold Flakes Custard Mooncakes (12pcs/box)
Delicate Duo Custard Mooncakes (2pcs/box)
***For purchase of 120 boxes or above, please contact our staff for details. (Tel: 2734 3840) ***
Loong Yat Heen’s XO Chilli Sauce
Customers who purchase “Legendary Custard Mooncakes” (8pcs/box) or “Deluxe Gold Flakes Custard Mooncakes” (12pcs/box) are entitled to redeem a bottle of “Loong Yat Heen XO Chilli Sauce” (180g) at special price of HK$158 (Original Price: HK$228).
Customers can order “Legendary Custard Mooncake” series through the following channels:
  1. Email Purchase
    The order form can be downloaded HERE; complete the form and email to mooncake.klnh@harbour-plaza.com to place your order.
  2. Online Purchase
    Customers can simply log onto http://eshop.harbour-plaza.com/kowloonhotel via computer or mobile device to purchase mooncakes from our online platform.
Mooncakes redemption is available from 28 August to 3 October 2017. For more information and announcements on the “Legendary Custard Mooncakes” series, please refer to The Kowloon Hotel Official Website and Facebook.
Enquiry: (852) 2734 3840

Service Hours: 10:30a.m. – 9:30p.m.

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