Feast “EGG-stra Delicious Easter” Buffet
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Feast “EGG-stra Delicious Easter” Buffet

18/04/2014 - 21/04/2014

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The Window’s Café of The Kowloon Hotel is going to fill your Easter with happiness and “EGG-stra Delicious” delicacies! During April 18 – 21, a series of “EGG” delights are prepared specially for you to celebrate the Easter with your families and friends. Children patrons (aged under 11) may unleash their creativity and craft their own masterpiece at “D.I.Y EGG-stra Pizza Workshop” during Buffet Lunch. Each child will be able to craft their own 6-inch egg-shaped pizza lead by our chefs. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy and embrace the joy of Easter with your kids.
Feast EGG-stra Delicacies
Nothing says Easter like Easter eggs! Eggs symbolize "The Starting of New Life" in Western countries, which also implies "New Born" and "Reborn". To bring this symbolism onto the Easter buffet table, our Executive Chef specially adds high-quality eggs into our Lunch, Dinner and Afternoon Tea Buffet, and crafts them into various delectable dishes to celebrate Easter and to tease your taste of bud.
EGGs-ploring the Enticing
Egg is a humble yet extraordinary ingredient. Endless cooking methods such as slow-cooked, poached and smoked can be used and it goes perfectly well with fresh ingredients like as Foie Gras, lobsters and many more the only limitation is ones creativity. Each dish is expertly constructed as a kind of a stage upon which the egg can star.
Jumbo Swan Egg on Russian Salad: The enticing Russian salad is presented inside an EGG-shaped dome, the salad is light with layers of dimensions in tastes and textures, in addition to the chef's creative crafting, the dish will surely delight.
Foie Gras Mousse and Swan Egg Custard: The high quality Rouge Foie Gras is infused into the smooth egg custard, which makes the dish extra rich and creamy. Topped with a slice of seared foie gras, the fragrant is relished with every bite.
Lobster and Egg Benedict: Whet your appetite with our luxurious Egg Benedict. English muffins topped with Boston lobster and spinach, and under the blanket of hollandaise sauce is the perfectly poached Japanese egg (served during Buffet Dinner only).
Beef Tarter with Quail's Egg and Crouton: Knife cut beef seasoned with onions, cucumbers, lemon juice, mustards and herbs, the seasoning echoes with the meaty aroma of the beef, and the Quail's Egg gives the dish a silken texture, a masterpiece of elegance.
Eggs-tremely Sweet Magic Circle
Easter egg symbolizes happiness and definitely is a must-have during this joyous Festival. Let our pastry chef guide you through this magical journey filled with egg-shaped treats. With various small yet colorful Easter chocolate eggs inside, the Strawberry Mousse Cake in Chocolate Egg can cheer you up as well as nurture your sweet tooth. Other highlighted dessert Blueberry and Cheese Tart with Chocolate Eggs, Mini Bunny Cup Cake, Joyous Easter Basket, Crème Caramel and Snow Eggs with Vanilla.
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*Seasonal items will be changed without prior notice.
Feast “EGG-stra Delicious Easter” Buffet
at  The Window’s Café of The Kowloon Hotel
Promotional period:
April 18 to 21, 2014
The Window Cafe, 2/F, The Kowloon Hotel,
19-21 Nathan Road, Tsimshatsui, Kowloon
(852) 2734 3803
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