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We would like to alert our customers and the public of one fraudulent website using the name of Harbour Plaza Metropolitan Shanghai for unauthorized sales. We have reported the case to Public Security Bureau. The link of the fraudulent website is as below:

Guests should not make any bookings at the suspicious website to prevent any losses that may incur.

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Zui Hui Huang Seafood & Beef Chinese Restaurant

With more than 40 restaurants in Shanghai, "Zui Hui Huang" (Operated by a third-party company) has won the favor of consumers with high-quality fresh ingredients, high cooking standards and elegant environment, and has become a private collection of many diners. Located on the second floor of Harbour Plaza Metropolitan, it is the 30th restaurant of Zuihui Huang in Shanghai. It has 3 private rooms with 2.6-meter dining table for 10 persons, 1 private room with 4-meter dining table for 22 persons. In addition, there is a multi-function room that can accommodate 14 tables. For weddings, 10 to 12 tables can be accommodated. The function rooms can also be partitioned and each can accommodate 5 and 7 tables respectively. The restaurant is famous for its global seafood and beef dishes. It combines the Cantonese cuisine with local cuisine to create a feast for the taste buds of exceptional quality.



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Sichuan Theme Lunch Salad Bar · Cafe Metro CNY 69
蔬菜吧 Salad Bar
Red Leaf Lettuce, Iceberg Lettuce, Purple Cabbage, Creamy Lettuce

Cherry Tomatoes, Sliced Cucumbers, Sliced Carrots, Onion Rings, Chickpeas,
Grated Cheese, Olives, Caper Tenders

Vinaigrette, Caesar Dressing, Roasted Sesame Dressing, Japanese Salad
Dressing, French Dressing

凉菜 Chilled Dishes
Spicy Crispy Sausage 麻辣脆肠
Steamed Chicken In Chili Sauce 口水鸡
Bean Curd In Red Oil 红油腐竹
Hot And Sour Vermicelli 酸辣粉丝
Boiled Peanuts 水煮花生
Seared Green Chili Pepper 虎皮尖椒

热菜 Hot Dishes(每天两款)
Twice Cooked Pork In Sichuan Style 川味回锅肉
Poached Sliced Beef In Hot Chili Oil 水煮牛肉
Kung Pao Chicken 宫爆鸡丁
Geleshan Spicy Chicken 歌乐山辣子鸡
Braised Pork With Preserved Vegetable 梅菜扣肉
Mapo Tofu 麻婆豆腐
Duck’S Blood, Beef And Tripe In Spicy Soup 毛血旺
Shredded Pork With Hot & Sour Garlic Sauce 鱼香肉丝
Hot & Spicy Shrimp 香辣虾
Poached Fish In Pickeled Chinese Cabbage Soup 老坛酸菜鱼

主菜 Main Course(每天两款)
Fried Rice 农家炒饭
Red Chili Wonton Soup 红油抄手
Dandan Noodles Sichuan Style 担担面
Hot & Dry Noodles 川味热干面
Yellow Glutinous Rice Cake 糯米黄粑

自助甜品 Dessert Buffet
Ice Jelly 冰粉
Cream Swiss Roll 奶油瑞士卷
Chocolate Brownie 巧克力布朗尼

每日例汤 Daily Soup(每日一款)
Double Boiled Pork Soup 滑肉汤
Sichuan Sour Radish And Duck Soup 四川酸萝卜老鸭汤
Fish Soup With Tofu 白玉鱼汤
Hot And Sour Soup 四川酸辣汤
Pork Soup With Meat Ball 三鲜圆子汤

时令水果 Seasonal Fruit
Watermelon 西瓜
Hami Melon 哈密瓜
Pitaya 火龙果
Cherry Tomato 樱桃番茄

自制面包 Homemade Bread
Baguette 法棍
Multigrain Bun 杂粮包
2 Kinds Of Bread 软包—硬包

The Menu only for Caf Metro, operation time: Monday to Friday, 11:30-14:00. The menu only serviced from 4th March 2024 to 31th March2024.
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