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Easter Fun Dining
07/04/2014 - 21/04/2014


From April 18 to 21, 2014, we will present Easter Fun dining options with series of fun-filled activities.

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International Culinary Tour Dinner Buffet
01/04/2014 - 30/06/2014


Café 8 Degrees will present a savoury tour around the world throughout the dinner buffet from March. Chef has specially picked signature delicacies of China, Japan, Thailand, India, Italy, Spain, France, Netherlands, England and Australia to tempting buffet-lovers’ enjoyment.

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Dim Sum Lunch Buffet
10/02/2014 - 30/04/2014

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Experience a unique “Yumcha” experience with your beloved, try out our exquisite variety of Dim Sum Lunch Buffet from now till April 30, 2014. Enjoy and savor this all-you-can-eat traditional yet creative selection, featuring Tea Flavored Boiled Egg, Shrimp Dumpling, Golden Carbonadoed Pie, Pan-fried Turnip Cake, Portuguese Tart, Pandan/Orange Chiffon Cake.
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Mango Napoleon
08/04/2014 - 31/12/2014


Tiled with Carabao mango flesh, layers of puff pastry filled with sweet-scented custard cream and coated with crunchy sliced almond. Purchase at eShop to enjoy 15% off.

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Homemade XO Sauce
18/06/2013 - 30/06/2014


With quality fine ingredients: Japanese dried scallops, Prestigious dried shrimp, Tai O Shrimp Roe, JianJiang Jinhua Ham, Fresh red chillies and Sichuan dried chillies, Harbour Plaza 8 Degrees delightedly showcases the highly long-lasting aromatic and irresistibly delicious homemade XO sauce.

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Homemade Fresh Pineapple Pastry
08/01/2013 - 30/06/2014

Homemade Fresh Pineapple Pastry
Let's have a delightful High Tea time!