Homemade XO Sauce
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Homemade XO Sauce

18/06/2013 - 30/06/2014

Tel: (852) 2126 1960

Using Chefs authentic secrecy, with quality fine ingredients: Japanese dried scallops, Prestigious dried shrimp, Tai O Shrimp Roe, JianJiang Jinhua Ham, Fresh red chillies and Sichuan dried chillies, Harbour Plaza 8 Degrees delightedly showcases the highly long-lasting aromatic and irresistibly delicious homemade XO sauce. The intense flavour of seafood essence and intriguing texture of dried scallop, make it a gourmet condiment to perk up the already delicious dishes, regardless of Chinese, Western or Japanese cuisine. 

Homemade XO Sauce (HK$98 / bottle) is now available at Café Corner, immediately colour every delicacies to the very best.

For Purchase/ Info: T: (852) 2126 1960
E: fnb@hp8dcatering.com