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Tea Cocktail Inventions

17/01/2013 - 31/03/2013

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With the distinctive scents and wide varieties, tea is the most popular drink in the world after water. On the other hand, we’d always love to have a sip of alcohol for relaxation; so, why not mixing these two drinks together for a better chemical reaction? The Middle Row Bar is going to conduct an experiment on fusing organic teas and alcohol. Check out the Tea Cocktail Inventions this February and March! Each priced at HK$85 only.
Being regarded as a valuable tribute for diplomacy, tea holds an important status in the Chinese society till now. On the other hand, the Brits placed emphasis on tea culture since 19th century. Well-beloved by both Chinese and Westerners, the Tea Cocktail Invention is going to be your all-time-favourite for sure!
Tea Fizz: While Gin Fizz is one of the best-known fizz-styled cocktails, our mixologist at The Middle Row Bar, Mr. Barkley Chu, is going to play a twist on the drink by using the classical Earl Grey. Possessing the unique aroma of bergamot, Earl Grey is usually consumed with a piece of lemon to further enhance the citrus flavor. Using the authentic recipe of Gin Fizz together with Earl Grey, Tea Fizz brings you a citrus flavor that fizzling and lingering in your palate.
Gincha: English Breakfast Tea, a tea that popularized by Queen Victoria, is composed by a blend of black teas for its colour, scent and flavor. The full-bodied and robust tea goes excellent with sugar – here, rum provides a good source of saccharide. Serving hot together with the fresh ginger juice, Gincha keeps you warm all day long.
Bubbly: Infused with a delicate floral aroma, Darjeeling Tea is being complimented as the Champagne of teas. A little bit astringent, therefore ginger syrup and lemon juice are being added to milden the mellow taste. By adding vodka and sparkling water, the fruity and floral flavors of Darjeeling Tea bubble up and sparkle at your taste bud.
Tea Toddy: Sense the layers of aroma from Tea Toddy! Composed by Martell VSOP and Dark Rum, the cocktail further develops its redolence by blending cloves, nutmeg and chamomile tea. Sweet and a little bit spicy, Tea Toddy serves hot and the aroma is best for relaxation.

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