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Prawn & Seafood Buffet Dinner

01/03/2013 - 30/04/2013

Tel: (852) 2734 3803

A research found that Hong Kong people consume more than 50 tons of seafood annually with prawns occupying a large portion. Being described as crispy and sweet in general, the texture and flavor among the varieties of prawn are actually different. This March and April, The Window Café is proud to present Prawn & Seafood Buffet Dinner. Check out your favourite type of prawn among a wide range of prawns from Southeast Asia!

Vietnam Giant Prawn: Inhabited under the nutrition-rich Mekong Delta, Vietnam Giant Prawn is extremely plump and sweet. Containing plentiful roes, the head of Vietnam Giant Prawn is larger than its body with an overall length of 5-6 inches. Savor the Grilled Vietnam Giant Prawn with Sea Urchin. Vietnam Giant Prawn is best prepared by grilling. After grilling, the aroma of roe accentuates; you may spread it onto the prawn or enjoy it solely with a spoon, while the sea urchin highlights the sweetness of seafood.
Indonesian Tiger King Prawn: The texture of Indonesian Tiger King Prawn is the bounciest among all. Specially recommended Roasted Indonesian Tiger King Prawn wrapped with lberico Ham. Not only adding a crispy coating to the seafood, Iberico Ham also brings a nutty flavor that permeates and harmonizes with the sweetness of prawn. Make upon order, delight your palate with the a-little-bit-spicy Grilled Tiger King Prawn Skewer with Cajun.
Kei Wai Prawn: Make use of tidal movement, “Kei Wai” is a sustainable breeding method being found in the Pearl River Delta area. During tide in, a lot of nutrients are being brought to the Kei Wai Prawn; hence the prawn tastes extremely sweet; Boiled Kei Wai Prawn best reveals the freshness of the seafood.
Thai Prawn: Relish the authentic Thai flavor with Baked Thai Prawn with Lemon Grass and Red Curry Shrimp Mousse. Using more than 15 kinds of herbs, the dish is so aromatic while the spiciness does not cover the sweetness of prawn.

Other crustacean recommendations include: Bay Lobster Salad with Mango & Crab Roe, Grilled Thai Prawn with Garlic & Herb Butter, Tiger Prawn with Goose Liver Mousse & Raspberry Mayonnaise, Prawn Platter and more.
Round up your meal with an array of chocolate desserts. Smooth and rich in texture, Chocolate Blanc – Fruit Rouges Gâteau tastes optimally with the sourness of berries balance the sweetness of white chocolate. Other recommendations include: Café Chocolate Gâteau, Moelleux Au Chocolate – Noisettes, Florentin Au Chocolate and more.
For more information, please call (852) 2734 3803 or click here for further details and reservations.
Serving time:
6:00pm – 9:30pm
Sun-Thu: Adult $438 / Senior & Child $308
Fri-Sat/ PH & eve: Adult $478 / Senior & Child $348
* Seasonal items will be changed without prior notice
* Prices are subject to 10% service charge


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