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Lychee & Osmanthus Tea Buffet

17/04/2013 - 30/06/2013

Tel: (852) 2734 3803


Hot and humid are the synonyms for summer in Hong Kong. According to the phenomenon of traditional Chinese medicine, summer dampness is the major cause for loss of appetite; while the best way to soothe the digestive problem is to go for the seasonal food that are specifically meant for summer. Throughout the months of May and June, The Window Café is going to treat you with Lychee & Osmanthus Tea Buffet. Whet your appetite with an array of mouth-watering dishes crafted by just-ripened lychee and aromatic osmanthus this summer!

Lychee, a tropical fruit that harvested in summer, possesses a sugary taste and flowery fragrance. The crystal-like flesh is extremely pulpy and juicy in which many people see the fruit as an unrivalled delicacy since the ancient time. Due to lychee’s heat nature that might cause discomfort to throat, the gentle osmanthus is thus being used to harmonize and add a bouquet to the dishes.
Celebrate the arrival of summer with Stir-fried Kurobuta Pork with Lychee, Osmanthus in Sweet and Sour Sauce. Mauritius, a lychee species that offers a note of osmanthus, is being shortlisted and used in the dish. Kurobuta pork on the other hand, possesses a low fat marbling and is much healthier than the ordinary meat. By stir-frying the whole grains of lychee with Kurobuta pork, the sweetness and savory fuses, while the sprinkles of osmanthus make the dish more irresistible with the captivating aroma. Char-grilled Salmon with Osmanthus, Lychee and Honey Citron shows you how the ingredients complement with each other. A little bit greasy, salmon is therefore being char-grilled to expel the excessive fat content; while the appetizing sauce incorporating osmanthus and lychee adds a tropical touch to the dish. Other recommendations include: Queen Crab Cake with Lychee, Crab Roe and Fresh Potato Mash; Deep Fried Shrimp Dumpling Stuffed with Lychee and Cheese Melt; Bird’s Nest with Mint and Champagne Lychee Coulis and more.
Tuck into a selection of desserts and do not miss out the highlighted item: Lychee and Durian Cheesecake. By blending various kinds of lychee and durian together, the dessert is robust and rich with a hint of refreshing lychee note. Check out more sugary creations such as Osmanthus and Lychee Millie Feuille; Lychee Panna Cotta with Peach; Red Bean & Lychee Mousse Cake and more.
For more information, please call (852) 2734 3803 or click here for further details and reservations.
Serving time:
3:00 pm to 5:00 pm on Every Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday
May 1 – June 30 (except May 12)    Adult: $208*/ Senior & Child: $138*
May 12                                          Adult: 228*/ Senior & Child: 158*
* Seasonal items will be changed without prior notice
* Prices are subject to 10% service charge
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