Lychee Cheesecake with Durian Jelly
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Lychee Cheesecake with Durian Jelly

20/05/2013 - 30/06/2013

Tel: (852) 2734 3801

Culinary art is all about crafting the most seasonable items into delicacy. Inspired by the season’s freshest and finest produces, this June, Coffee Corner is going to shortlist Lychee Cheesecake with Durian Jelly as the Cake of the Month.


Possessing an alluring sugary taste and flowery fragrance, lychee is being regarded as an unrivalled delicacy since the ancient time. Its crystal-like flesh is extremely pulpy and juicy; therefore the tropical fruit is a favourable ingredient in dessert-making. With a distinct aroma, durian on the other hand, is being complimented as the emperor among fruits. The robust aroma and creaminess of durian make the fruit an acquired taste – but you would definitely fall for it with just a try.

While the just-ripened lychee contains high sugar level, the saccharic taste is counterbalanced by blending the fruit with savory cream cheese. To milden the over-captivating taste of durian, a layer of durian jelly is being used instead of the custard-like flesh. With the sweetness of lychee perfectly matches with the implicit taste of durian jelly, Lychee Cheesecake with Durian Jelly is a celebratory item for the fruit-harvesting season. 
Operation hour:
7:00 am to 9:00 pm
$225 /1.5lbs
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