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Pop Christmas

31/10/2012 - 01/01/2013

Tel: (852) 2734 3803

Christmas is just around the corner and it’s time to prepare for it. Besides roasted turkey, Christmas pudding and Santa Claus; Christmas cracker is something that cannot be missed out for the celebration. With just a pull, various kinds of surprise show up in a “POP” sound. In this festive season, The Window Café is going to transform into a Christmas cracker; enjoy our “POP Christmas Buffet Dinner” starting from December 1, 2012 to January 1, 2013, lots of sumptuous surprises will pop out and bring you a Merry Christmas!

Simply composed by three letters, “POP” can be referred to surprise, popular, bursting or its sound related. Assembling the meanings of “POP”, The Window Café is going to present an array of tantalizing savory creations. Sate your appetite by enjoying the complimentary dish of Boston Lobster and Mango Salad with “Pop” Caviar and mini cup of Häagen-Dazs ice cream for patronage our buffet dinner on December 24, 25 and 31. What’s more…show Santa Claus how nice you behaved and receive a gift on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!
In addition to the international seafood items such as oysters and sashimi, The Window Café will be preparing a wide selection of crispy and tasty dishes. Highlight includes: Pan Fried Duck Liver with Raspberry and Crispy Rice Cracker. Adopt the highest quality Rougie duck liver, the liver becomes heavenly fragrant upon pan-seared. Using rice cracker instead of toast, the space between each rice granule allows sufficient room to absorb the duck liver’s essence. While the sourness of raspberry reduces the oiliness of food, the crusty coating of duck liver and rice cracker make every bite with a “POP” sound! Renowned for its optimum distribution of fat and tenderness of muscle fibers, Wagyu beef is extremely plump and juicy. The meat is commonly cooked with Japanese teppanyaki method, but this time, The Window Café is going to deliver you a whole new experience. After rolling the pan-seared wagyu in caramel, a crunchy layer formed in contrast to wagyu’s melt-in-the-mouth texture; Caramel & Black Pepper Wagyu Beef will surely excite your palate. Other recommendations include: “Pop” Smoked Salmon Rose Rolls with “Crispy” Caviar on Pomelo Salad, Crab Meat and Cucumber and Crab Roe Salad Stuffed in Crab Cover and many more.
* Ticket sale starts from December 1, 2012. Please purchase tickets at The Window Café. For enquiries, please contact the restaurant at 2734 3803 or email to fnb.klnh@harbour-plaza.com
* Seasonal items will be changed without prior notice
* Prices are subject to 10% service charge
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