Decent Hotel Afternoon Tea in the Cake Shop | The Kowloon Hotel Coffee Corner
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In harmony with the hotel lobby, the sophisticated Coffee Corner features floor-to-ceiling windows for an exceptional dining adventure. Offering an extensive selection of freshly brewed coffees with sandwiches and salad menu, Coffee Corner is an ideal place for a relaxing break after a day of hectic works.

Coffee Corner

Hotel Lobby

Tel: (852) 2734 3801

Monday - Sunday
Opening Hours 07:00 – 21:00

Expresso (1.5oz) HK$ 38
Roasted Beef Sandwiches HK$ 38
Fruit SaladHK$ 42
Iced Cappuccino (24oz) HK$ 50

The items listed here are representative only and subject to 10% service charge.
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