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Loong Yat Heen - XO Chilli Sauce

18/01/2016 - 31/12/2018

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Named after XO, the highest grading in Cognac, XO Chilli Sauce is possibly the most luxurious sauce in the world composed by top quality dried seafood, herbs and spices. The moreish sauce reveals the essence of all these gourmet offerings and sometimes people call it the emperor of sauces. Using the authentic secret recipe, Loong Yat Heen proudly present its signature XO Chilli Sauce priced at HK$238/bottle.
Impress you and your friends’ palates with Loong Yat Heen’s XO Chilli Sauce – one of the best XO Chilli Sauces in town – with a local magazine selects it as the “leading XO Chilli Sauce with harmonizing savors”. A little spicy, salty and sweet, the relish is crafted by Japanese Dried Conpoy, Tai O Shrimp Roe, Yunnan Ham, Japanese Finely Grinded Sesame Oil, Sichuan Dried Chilli and Thai Red Cluster Pepper etc, while the first three ingredients especially contribute to the impressive intensity and aftertaste of the sauce.
Loong Yat Heen is delighted to present an array of seasonal dishes using the award-winning XO Chilli Sauce. Chef’s Recommendations include: Sautéed Shredded Sea Cucumber with Pork in XO Chilli Sauce, Stewed Flank of Garoupa with XO Chilli Sauce Served in Clay Pot, Wok-fried Diced Beef with Assorted Bell Peppers and Walnuts in XO Chilli Sauce and many more.
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