Oy-shii and Crab-ulous Buffet Dinner
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Oy-shii and Crab-ulous Buffet Dinner

01/09/2013 - 30/11/2013

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Oyster-lovers must be familiar with the “R theory” for tasting the mollusks: oysters taste the freshest in the months spelled with letter "R", i.e. from September onwards! Using the season’s freshest and finest produces, oysters and crabs (especially hairly crabs), The Window Café of The Kowloon Hotel is going to showcase Oy-shii and Crab-ulous Buffet Dinner from September to November. Featuring different kind of freshly netted oysters and crabs, how could you stop yelling “oi-shii” during the dinner? 


(*Remark: oi-shii, literally refers to delicious in Japanese)
Oi-shii Oysters
Toast the arrival of autumn with Oyster Shooter with Shaoxing Wine! The vintage diffuses a pleasant fragrance and fortifies the briny sweetness of oyster. Shortlisted the most popular type of oysters including Tasmanian from Australia, Fine de Claire from France, Rock Oyster from New Zealand and Coffin Bay from South Australia the mollusks are freshly shucked upon order. Unadorned and eaten raw, the oysters are filled with oyster’s liquor in which the filtered sea water complements the flesh with its robust salinity.
Check out the unlimited possibilities of oysters by slurping the chargrilled collection including Chargrilled Jumbo Oyster with Miso, Chargrilled Jumbo Oyster with Spicy Garlic and Chargrilled Sea-salted Jumbo Oyster. By chargrilling, the carbohydrate content caramelizes and offers the oyster a crispy coat; while the seasonings elevate the umami of oyster. 
Fabulous Crabs
Savor the natural sweetness of the hairy crab roe from Roasted Hairy Crab with Sea Salt and the authentic Steamed Hairy Crab with Basil and Ginger. Do not miss out Steamed Rock Crab with Ginger and Glutinous rice if you go for a nostalgic taste. As the ingredients are being steamed simultaneously, the essences of rock crab are fully absorbed by glutinous rice and may relish the sweetness at every bite. With its natural sweetness and juiciness, zuwaigani crab is being regarded as “Queen of Crab” by the Japanese. Delight your palate with Stuffed Crab Shell with Curried Zuwaigani Crab; the a-little-bit spicy Japanese curry perks up and permeates the sweetness of crab as a whole.
Other recommendations include Caramelized Jumbo Oyster with Port and Caviar, Steamed Stuffed Crab Claw on Ginger Glutinous Rice, French Bread Crab and Seafood Mountain and many more.
A Harvesting Autumn
Culinary art is all about crafting the most seasonable produces into delicacy. Make use of the just-ripen crops such as sweet potatoes, our sugary creations are extremely sachharide. Immerse yourself into the meltingly Japanese Sweet Potato Cheese Cake. Other recommendations include White Peach and Mango Mousse Cake, Warm Fuji Apple Crumble with Vanilla Sauce and more.
* Food items will be served on a rotation basis.  
(Terms & Condition applied, please contact the restaurant staff for more details.)
Oy-shii and Crab-ulous Buffet Dinner
Promotional period:
From now until November 30, 2013
Serving time:
6:00 pm – 9:30 pm
Sun – Thu: Adult $458 / Senior & Child: $318
Fri – Sat / PH & eve: Adult $498 / Senior & Child: $358
* Prices are subject to 10% service charge
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